What do we have to offer?

GN-IX (AS 24957) has invested in a high quality infrastructure and can offer its customers the following facilities:
  • 2 Cisco 6500 switches (10Base-T / 100Base-TX / 1000Base-(SX/LX/T) / 10Gbase-LR ports)
  • IPv4 and IPv6 standard
  • Special air-conditioned computer rooms
  • 24-hour service and full security
  • Special no-break facilities
  • Connectivity for customers at the Zernike Science Park
  • Capacity between 2 Mb/s to 3.8 Tb/s max.
  • Peering connectivity at Sara and Nikhef in Amsterdam

Network topology
The GN-IX network infrastructure operates on a dual switch vendor architecture and consists of a number of high performance layer two switches from Cisco Systems. The switches are placed in GN-IX sites at managed facilities in the Rekenhal and in Data Hotel Groningen (TCN Telehouse). A private dark fiber ring running Gigabit ethernet connects these sites.

GN-IX also has various routers providing an IP network for GN-IX's own systems and management of the switched network.

The GN-IX network provides the following media for customer connections:

  • 10/100 BaseTX Ethernet - All switches provide 10/100 BASE TX switched Ethernet ports.
  • Gigabit Ethernet - The two primary sites and the advanced expansion sites can also provide a non-blocking Gigabit ethernet service to members. Most connections are over twisted pair cable, but multimode fiber and single mode LX optics are also available.
Amsterdam connectivity
As an extra service to its customers, GN-IX has made a special arrangement with the Municipality of Groningen and @Home for connectivity to Amsterdam . This facility is of interest to providers wishing to make peering arrangements with providers in Amsterdam.

Besides the connectivity to Amsterdam, GN-IX also made a special arrangement with Open Peering. In this arrangement providers in Groningen can use the private services of Open Peering in Amsterdam at limited costs for peering arrangement with more than 100 providers in Amsterdam.