Services offered by GN-IX include interconnection to the GN-IX owned switches in Groningen as well as interconnection from Groningen (Rekenhal and Data Hotel Groningen) to Amsterdam (Nikhef) and vice versa and link(s) to GN-IX switches in Amsterdam. Also included in the interconnect possibilities is connectivity between the GN-IX housing locations in Groningen and the TCN Data Hotel Groningen building in Groningen. GN-IX interconnects can be made based on Ethernet, fast Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet or (private) VLAN's on top of one of these. Between some GN-IX housing locations in Groningen, dark-fiber is also a possible link type.

Recently, a fully diverse fiber ring was installed at the City of Groningen. This metro ring (Community Network Groningen) provides direct broadband connectivity to hundreds of both profit and non-profit organizations. The glass fiber ring is designed to meet the cities expansion plans and for that reason takes into account new planned future business parks. GN-IX presents direct interconnection to these (potential) customers. This offers new opportunities to service and content providers to deliver (innovative) IP based services to a large number of companies and individuals. Architectural plans are also under design to develop a fiber core ring around the entire Province of Groningen with key connections to other major cities and `E' commerce centers within the Northern Netherlands region.