Customers can install network and related equipment at the GN-IX premises at its location at CIT in the City of Groningen. For this service GN-IX works closely together with the University of Groningen. The housing facilities and technical services at this computer and visualization environment are of the highest quality standards.

GN-IX offers full redundancy by installing its Cisco 7600 and 6500 Switches at it location. At the "Rekenhal" GN-IX has 200m2 of floor space available. At this location GN-IX installed 50 advanced 19" Minckel computer racks. The site is interconnected with a redundant glass fiber rings. Through different handholds customers can easily connect this outside cable infrastructure to their own racks.

All computer rooms are air-conditioned, secured by different no-break facilities and fully 24 hours protected. The switches at the locations are interconnected, which means that the switches back each other up if any problems may occur. Maintenance on the switches is scheduled every Wednesday morning between 6.00 - 8.00 hrs.